The Human Trial–must watch

If there is one video that I could show that captures the daily agony … and hope … that I feel as a parent of a child with Type 1, this is it. Please watch. And if you can, donate, not just to the documentary, but to Viacyte. This is the game changer the T1D community has been waiting for.

Stem Cell Breakthrough

After 15 long years of lab-based research, Harvard researcher Doug Melton and his team have finally been able to convert stem cells to insulin-producing beta cells. The research was published yesterday in the scientific journal Cell. In lab trials, the beta cells still produced insulin after six months–previously, the beta cells would stop producing insulin and die after only a few days. This success has opened the door for cell replacement therapies in patients with T1D. Significantly, it could mean an end to daily insulin injections and hypoglycemia. This is good news indeed!

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